Little Paris Jackson Made Me Do It

7 Jul

So Paris Jackson’s eulogy at her father’s memorial today got to me.  I got a little nostalgic and when my friend Laura asked for our top Michael Jackson memories on her blog, I couldn’t resist.  Here goes:

Where to begin?

1. The time in 8th grade my best friend Dan and I saw Michael and his posse at Disneyland. Yup – right there by the Autopia ride.

2. My beloved penny loafers – with white socks of course.

3. Seeing Thriller for the first time at the pizza parlor with my friends.

4. Wanting a yellow cardigan like Michael’s in that one poster from the Thriller era.

5. Wanting a tiger cub.

6. Being in NYC when the Victory Tour was at Madison Square Garden and having to go see Cats instead (that one still stings a little).

7. Trying to learn how to do the moonwalk but just causing a lot of static electricity in my body and shocking myself and my dog.

8. Having our junior high youth pastor play “Human Nature” one Sunday while dissecting the lyrics and telling us how naughty Michael was. I sang along through the whole service, thinking about what a great song it was.

9. Pushing up the sleeves of my polished cotton Members Only jacket (with snaps on the cuffs!) so I’d look like Michael. Totally cut off the circulation in my lower arms but hey, fashion over function, right?

10. Seeing the Bad Tour in Los Angeles with my friends Lisa and Jen. His moves were so smooth I’m pretty sure he never quite touched the ground the entire time. Out of this world.

Good times.  Thanks, Michael.


One Response to “Little Paris Jackson Made Me Do It”

  1. Tammy July 7, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    UH…I remember that yellow cardigan of yours…also remember the penny loafers and the Members Only jacket. You might not have looked like MJ, but you definitely rocked it MB-style!! You were an MV cultural icon…

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