Facing 40 Friday

14 May

The big four-oh is only four months away and honestly I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t think I’m worried or depressed. Actually, in some ways it’s kind of exciting. People in their 40’s talk about those years of their lives as being their best yet. But I have a hunch it’s not all fun and games either.

Each Friday from now until my birthday in September I will list my pros and cons about seeing the whites of 40’s eyes (if my memory doesn’t start to go)…

1. I have even less hair to shave off my head = less time in the shower shaving = water conservation.
2. I still have my hearing.
3. Mrs. Beonkey and I will be able to go to the 30-somethings’ potlucks AND the 40-somethings’ potlucks at church.
4. My kids are older = more hilarious and amazing by the minute.
5. I have more confidence to express my thoughts and opinions.

1. I have even less hair to shave off my head = it’s simply migrating elsewhere.
2. I can only take in small doses and dB levels the music my kids are listening to these days.
3. My metabolism is slowing down. Double the potlucks = triple the workouts.
4. That sweet baby smell is no longer in my house or on my clothes.
5. Apparently my “if you can’t say something nice…” filter only had a 40-year lifespan and I don’t care. In fact, I rather like the fact that it has all but evaporated. Pro for me, con for you?


One Response to “Facing 40 Friday”

  1. The Diaper Diaries May 14, 2010 at 6:07 am #

    I personally think #5 is a pro as well. Then again my family seems to be missing that gene altogether so what do I know.

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