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LOST – How Will It End?

21 May

There are some interesting theories here. What do YOU think?


What The French, Toast?

25 Mar

If only I could write like this…


26 Feb

Let’s see how the guys do tonight, shall we? 

First up:  Michael Johns.  Can’t wait to see what he does tonight!  Is one considered a “jock” in the US if their sport of choice is tennis?  Not sure about that…Love the song…can’t go wrong with a little Fleetwood Mac.  And it suits him well.  Not his best, but still loved it. 

Jason Castro:  Another favorite from last week.  He has the guitar again…good move, but he’s going to have lose it sometime soon.  Great song and performance again this week.   

Luke Menard:  I still don’t get him.  Crappy song.  Crappy vocal.  You know you’re in trouble when the background singers have a lower voice than you.  It’s time to go home… 

Robbie Carrico:  The drag racing?  Actually, not a surprise.  He.  Is.  Not.  A.  Rock.  Singer.  He has a good voice, but he’s not what he thinks he is.  He’s a pop singer.  Just so-so tonight.  And I didn’t get the song choice. 

Danny Noriega:  I don’t get him this week either.  Really pitchy and weird vibrato tonight.  Not to mention the big rainbow-colored elephant in the room.  He’s too over the top. 

David Hernandez:  I really didn’t get him last week.  Good vocal this week, but I just don’t connect with his performance style.  Kinda awkward.  Kinda Vegas. 

Jason Yeager:  Couldn’t stand him last week.  And you now what?  Don’t like him this week either.  He’s like karaoke at a white-man-can’t-dance convention.  Complete with the white man overbite.  And what was that last “move”?  GO.  HOME.   

Chikezie:  Not great last week.  Way better this week, but still not doing it for me. 

David “The Word Nerd “Cook:  I liked him last week and I think I like him better this week.  Great song for him.  REALLY enjoyed him!   

David Archuleta:  Can’t wait to see him tonight!  Singing one of my favorite songs.  And I’m going to download it TONIGHT.  He was fantastic.  Fan.  Tas.  Tic.   


Hi, Aaron.

21 Feb

If you watched LOST tonight, you know why I’m freaking out!

 Freaking. Out. 

Fuh.  Reeking.  OUT. 

¿Y tú?

Da Boot #1

21 Feb

The video was very cool…another great song by Daughtry.

Group performance = trainwreck

The first guy (?) to go – Garrett.  Buh and bye.

The first girl to go – Amy.  I have to agree with this one as well.

Okay.  I’m not afraid to admit it.  I like that Paula Abdul song.  And the video.  There.  I said it, okay?

Girl #2 – Wow.  I didn’t see that one coming at all.  I was hoping to see more from Joanne…

Guy #2 – I’m surprised by Colton leaving as well.  There were FAR worse performances Tuesday.

Until next week…

The Ladies Take The Stage

20 Feb

Let’s get down to it… 

Kristy Lee Cook:  I’ve liked her so far, but she’s not doing anything for me tonight.  The tempo is too slow.  The vocals are average.  In a word – Boring. 

Joanne Borgella:  The beginning of the verses are too low for her.  I like her voice, but the performance was a bit rough.  I was expecting a bit more from her. 

Alaina Whitaker:  She is annoying me to no end.  Don’t bank on your birthday to make it through.  Hopefully the performance will be better than the talking.  Well, I do think she’s the best so far, but that’s not saying much.  *sigh*   The talking.  She’s killing me with the talking… 

Um, did Paula say it was a very dreadful experience when Diana Ross sang that song?  Huh? 

Amanda Overmyer:  I love her, but I want to see her do something more.  Weird song, but there’s something about her I dig. 

Amy Davis:  Yikes.  Terrible start.  Terrible middle.  Terrible key change.  Make.  It.  Stop. 

Brooke White:  I have really liked her so far.  I hope she does me proud!  Me likes!  Something about her just makes me smile.  The most polished so far… 

Alexandréa Lushington:  The most animated thus far, but I could do without all of the shoulder shrugs and the falsetto.  Better than most tonight, but not fantastic. 

Kady Malloy:  The Britney impersonation was spot-on.  Creepy, but spot-on.  I love her voice, but she’s not nailing the notes.  Just okay. 

Asia’h Epperson:  I have loved her thus far and I think so far she’s the best tonight.  By a mile. 

Ramiele Malubay:  I like her voice, but I’m over the slow lounge songs for tonight.  Enough already.   

Syesha Mercado:  She’s been great thus far.  I like her spunk.  Syesha – help a brother out.  I think I liked her better than Asia’h.  FINALLY someone who can own it. 

Carly Smithson:  What can I say?  I like a girl with an Irish accent.  I liked her performance too.  It was dynamic and I love her voice. 

Whew!  With the exception of the last two ladies I have to say, the guys were way better than the girls this week.  WAY.     

The Pack Your Bags List:

Amy Davis

Kristy Lee Cook 

In It To Win It:

Amanda Overmyer

Brooke White

Asia’h Epperson

Syesha Mercado

Carly Smithson 

My faves – Syesha and Carly. 

How ‘bout you?

And So It Begins…

19 Feb

Ah, the sweet smell of winter.  Morning flurries, wind chill factors, and the first night of competition on American Idol!  Yes, kids, tonight begins the war of the 24.  The men compete tonight and the ladies tomorrow night.  Based on Hollywood week I have some favorites but I’m trying to be unbiased tonight.  Here goes nothin’… 

David Hernandez:  He has a great voice, but he’s kinda boring.  Doesn’t light up the stage at all.  And that ending – crash & burn.  Ouch. 

Chikezie:  Rough start.  Rough suit.  Rough song choice.  And when did I miss the “pop the blazer collar” trend?  Maybe I’m showing my age, but it just looks like a mistake to me.  And Simon just called him Jacuzzi.  LOL!!! 

David Cook:  I’m glad the hair has changed since auditions and Hollywood.  I’ve been looking forward to hearing him tonight.  I like the song and the arrangement and the wardrobe.  And the vocal.  Very original.  Me likes, all around. 

Jason Yeager:  I don’t remember much of him from earlier in the season.  “Moon River” is one of my favorite songs, but he butchered it.  It reminded me of a bad cruise ship bar performance.  Not good.  R to the ough.  And he played the dead grandmother card.  Nope. 

Simon just said CRUISE SHIP.  Kinda makes me smile that we agreed on that but kinda scares me as well. 

Robbie Carrico:  I liked him in the auditions. Curious to see what tonight is like.  Love this song as well…His persona doesn’t really match the voice, does it?  He confuses me…looks like a rocker but sounds very pop.  Good performance though. 

Simon just said the same thing about the rock/pop dichotomy.  I promise I’m typing as I watch, not waiting for Simon to speak. 

David Archuleta:  I LOVE him.  Can’t WAIT to see this!  He has that cute-as-a-bug-put-him-in-my-pocket appeal.  He started out kinda nervousish but he clicked in.  LOVED HIM!!!  He may just get my vote tonight. 

Danny Noriega:  Annoyed the crap out of me up until now.  We shall see…  Well, I hate to admit it but I enjoyed his performance tonight.  But those pants kind of fit him weird, no? 

Luke Menard:  I don’t really remember him either.  Rough start.  And I can barely hear him.  For the love of amplification, SING OUT.  And that ending.  Blech.  My next door neighbor’s dog just howled.  Just rough all around. 

Colton Berry:  Not sure what I think about him yet.  Is it me, or does he sound like Boy George?  Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m just sayin’.  Good performance.  Not fantastic, but good. 

Garrett Haley:  Who is this hairy kid?  Has puberty hit yet?  And eat a burger, kid, before you blow away.  Another weak, boring, rough performance.  Me no likey. 



Jason Castro:  Dreads are just cool, right?  I’m digging his vibe.  And he’s playing the guitar.  I REALLY like him.  Possibly the most unique guy in the competition.  Two thumbs UP. 

Michael Johns:  I was a fan of his from the first audition.  There’s some kind of Michael Hutchence / Jim Morrison thing going on.  But nice, not creepy.  And look at that!  He’s doing a Doors song.  He has GREAT charisma and doesn’t try too hard.  Loved it! 

To summarize: 

The “Out Of Their League” List


Jason Yeager

Luke Menard

Garrett Haley 

The “In It To Win It” List

David Cook

David Archuleta

Jason Castro

Michael Johns