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Facing 40 Friday

21 May

Yesterday our friends were telling us a story about an old guy with Heelys speeding town the main street in our little downtown.  Heelys are those shoes that have wheels built in the heels.  You’ve certainly seen tweens speeding around the mall wearing them.  THIS guy, our friends said, was OLD. 

“He was, like, FORTY!”


This week I’m listing the “con” before the “pro.”


Forty is way too old to think that wearing Heelys is appropriate in any way.


At the age of forty you don’t care.


Facing 40 Friday

14 May

The big four-oh is only four months away and honestly I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t think I’m worried or depressed. Actually, in some ways it’s kind of exciting. People in their 40’s talk about those years of their lives as being their best yet. But I have a hunch it’s not all fun and games either.

Each Friday from now until my birthday in September I will list my pros and cons about seeing the whites of 40’s eyes (if my memory doesn’t start to go)…

1. I have even less hair to shave off my head = less time in the shower shaving = water conservation.
2. I still have my hearing.
3. Mrs. Beonkey and I will be able to go to the 30-somethings’ potlucks AND the 40-somethings’ potlucks at church.
4. My kids are older = more hilarious and amazing by the minute.
5. I have more confidence to express my thoughts and opinions.

1. I have even less hair to shave off my head = it’s simply migrating elsewhere.
2. I can only take in small doses and dB levels the music my kids are listening to these days.
3. My metabolism is slowing down. Double the potlucks = triple the workouts.
4. That sweet baby smell is no longer in my house or on my clothes.
5. Apparently my “if you can’t say something nice…” filter only had a 40-year lifespan and I don’t care. In fact, I rather like the fact that it has all but evaporated. Pro for me, con for you?